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A&A Corporation creates timeless splendor through the Elegance of Taps.

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A&A Corporation is Your trusted source for premier, high-quality, corrosion-resistant taps, ensuring unmatched durability, efficiency, and reliable performance for optimal plumbing system functionality.
CP Coated Tap
Brass Tap CP Coated
Brass Tap
Brass Coated

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The Best option for long-lasting, corrosion-resistant plumbing taps.

CP Coated Tap

CP Coated Taps are corrosion-resistant plumbing products from A&A Corporation fittings for efficient water flow control.


Brass Tap CP Coated

A&A Corporation’s corrosion-resistant plumbing fittings, CP Coated Brass Taps, for dependable and long-lasting water flow control.


Brass Tap

The high-quality plumbing fittings manufactured by A&A Corporation provide effective and long-lasting water flow control.


Brass Coated

A&A Corporation’s high-quality plumbing fittings with a long-lasting brass coating for improved performance and corrosion resistance.



Durable PTMT taps by A&A Corporation, designed for plumbing systems, offer long-lasting performance and easy installation.

Taps, also known as faucets, are essential fixtures in plumbing systems that control the flow of water from pipe.  From the kitchen sink to the bathroom shower, its play a crucial role in providing access to clean water.

Tap consist of several key components, including the handle or lever, the spout, and the valve mechanism. chiefly The handle is used to control the flow and temperature of water.

The valve mechanism, which can vary in design from traditional compression valves to modern ceramic disc cartridges.  basically spout directs the water to the desired location.

Single-handle tap: These tap have a single lever or handle that controls both the flow and temperature of water.

Two-handle tap: Two-handle tap have separate handles for hot and cold water.

Wall-mounted tap: Wall-mounted tap are installed directly on the wall rather than on the sink.

Pull-out or pull-down tap: These tap feature a retractable spray head that can be pulled out or down.