PP Integrated Saddle – Manjeera-75MM X 15MM




PP Integrated Saddle- 75mm represent a fusion of advanced engineering, materials science, and hydraulic principles. At the heart of PP integrated saddles lies a nuanced understanding of fluid dynamics and pressure distribution within plumbing systems.

The key to the effectiveness of PP Integrated Saddle- 75mm lies in their design and construction. Advanced materials such as high-grade polymers, composite alloys are utilized to create a durable saddle structure.

Moreover, the integration of pressure points within the saddle design serves to optimize sealing performance and minimize the risk of leaks. chiefly Strategic placement of pressure points ensures a secure and uniform seal between the saddle and the pipe surface.

These Integrated Saddle manufacture by A&A Corporation under Manjeera brand, which is our registered brand. All plumbing material manufacture by AA Corp. in their manufacturing plant which is situated at Ahmedabad, Jalandhar, Hyderabad, Gujarat.

AA Corp also works with JJM govt. scheme, according to scheme by 2024 all FHTC connection will be provided to rural areas across country.

From an engineering standpoint, PP integrated saddles offer several advantages over conventional fittings. Their streamlined design minimizes flow restrictions and turbulence, resulting in improved fluid flow rates and reduced energy consumption.

especially thanks to their innovative design features and compatibility with various pipe materials and sizes.


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