GI NIPPLE B 1/2″X1.2 MTR IS-1239




Among its various dimensions, the GI Nipple 1/2X1.2mtr emerges as a versatile solution.  offering unparalleled utility in a wide range of plumbing applications.

The GI Nipple exemplifies robustness and resilience, crafted from galvanized iron to withstand the rigors of plumbing operations. With a length of, this nipple provides ample flexibility and reach.

A&A Corp. manufacture all types of water connection fitting like Taps, GI Nipples and FHTC connection in their manufacturing plant. Which is in Ahmedabad, Jalandhar and Hyderabad all this material uses in JJM project and other household connection.

Water Distribution Systems:

Within residential and commercial buildings, the GI Nipple serves as a vital conduit for water distribution. Whether connecting pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, or utility rooms.

Industrial Plumbing Projects:

In industrial settings where robustness is paramount, the GI Nipple proves invaluable for large-scale plumbing installations. chiefly From manufacturing plants to processing facilities.

Infrastructure Development:

In civil engineering and infrastructure projects, the GI Nipple 1/2X1.2mtr  plays a pivotal role in constructing water supply networks. especially Its versatility and durability make it well-suited for underground installations, ensuring long-term integrity.

As plumbing technology continues to evolve, the GI Nipple remains a steadfast symbol of durability and efficiency.

The GI Nipple  exemplifies the resilience and adaptability required in modern plumbing systems.


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