HDPE compression fittings are mechanical fittings that  used to connect HDPE pipes or valve.

Pipes widely used in plumbing, joining two pipes together.
Compression fittings consist of three parts: the compression nut, the compression ring and compression seat.

He range of Marley compression fittings are for use with high-density polyethylene pipes dedicated to fluid reticulation.

They can be used in irrigation,include  items for a  wide range of plant engineering  requirements.
PP compression fittings are a type of pipe fitting commonly used in plumbing and irrigation systems.
“PP” stands for polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer known for its excellent chemical resistance, durability, and strength.
The PP compression fittings can be removed making them a cost-effective for piping systems.

Compession fitting is novel in structure and easy to install and use, especially in pipeline maintenance.


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