A Compression Fitting HDPE MTA refers to a specific type of pipe fitting used in High-Density Polyethylene piping systems.

Compression fittings used to connect pipes or tubes together. They typically consist of compression nut, a compressionĀ  also known as a ferrule.

High-Density Polyethylene is thermoplastic polymer known for strength, durability, chemical resistance.
MTA stands for Male Threaded Adapter.

This indicates that one end of compression fitting is connected a male-threaded pipe or fitting.
It compresses creating a watertight seal between the pipe and the fitting.

HDPE pipes are commonly used in various applicationsĀ  including water supply, irrigation, industrial piping systems.

These fittings are commonly used in HDPE piping systems for various applications, offering durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance.
It is made up of supreme quality High Density Polyethylene with industry standards.


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