SKU: 97345T-4-RGD



Single Handle Operation: The faucet likely has a single handle that controls both the temperature and flow of water. This streamlined design can provide ease of use and a contemporary look.

Durable Construction: Kohler faucets are generally known for their quality construction. The AVID® faucet might be constructed from durable materials such as solid brass or metal, which ensures longevity and minimizes corrosion.

Ceramic Disc Valve Technology: Many Kohler faucets incorporate ceramic disc valve technology, which helps to provide smooth and precise water control. This technology can also contribute to the faucet’s longevity by reducing the likelihood of leaks over time.

Water-Efficient: Kohler often designs its faucets with water conservation in mind. The AVID® faucet might feature a flow rate that meets water efficiency standards, helping to reduce water wastage.

Easy Installation: Kohler faucets are typically designed for easy installation. They often come with clear instructions and necessary hardware for installation.