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The Luxe Hygiene spray brings a sense of graciousness to your bathroom in terms of design, functionality and reliability. The transitional design of Luxe is inspired by the “Tulip” brings a sense of graciousness to your bathroom.
Ergonomic functionality ,precise flow control and aesthetic appeal work together to create an elevated experience for the user .
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Operation: 1) Best- in -class Pressure sensitive flow control. 2) Katalyst spray technology improves the force and effectivity -especially at lower pressure condition. 3)Auto positioning holder

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Luxe Health Faucet

Redefining Hygiene and Elegance in Your Daily Routine
In the pursuit of creating a sanctuary within our homes, where luxury meets functionality. This innovative addition not only enhances your daily hygiene rituals.

Unparalleled Hygiene
At the core of Faucet is an unwavering commitment to hygiene. Designed with precision and equipped with advanced technology. The adjustable water pressure feature allows you to customize your cleansing routine.

Contemporary Elegance
Beyond its functional brilliance, basically the Luxe Health Faucet is a testament to contemporary elegance. Crafted with a keen eye for design, this fixture seamlessly integrates into any bathroom aesthetic.

Eco-Friendly Innovation
Luxe Health Faucet doesn’t just prioritize your well-being; it also takes a step towards environmental responsibility. Engineered with water conservation in mind.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
The Luxe Health Faucet is not only a testament to cutting-edge design but also a champion of user-friendly installation and maintenance. Designed for easy installation. making it hassle-free to keep your faucet in pristine condition.