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Bring a luxurious showering experience to your bathroom with this valve trim. With its versatile design, this valve trim with two, stacked handles coordinates with a wide variety of bathroom styles.

Trim requires valve to complete
Trim requires valve to complete
KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards two times

Aloe + Aqua Turbo 360 Trim Shower Faucet – Elevating Your Shower Experience

Efficient 360-Degree Water Distribution:
At the heart of the Aloe + Aqua Turbo 360 Trim is its unique 360-degree water distribution system. certainly This innovative feature ensures a comprehensive and even water flow.

Turbo Boost Technology:
The incorporation of Turbo Boost Technology takes your shower experience to the next level. overall This cutting-edge feature optimizes water pressure, providing a powerful and invigorating stream.

Intuitive Temperature Control:
Navigating your ideal water temperature has never been easier. accordingly The Aqua Turbo 360 Trim is equipped with an intuitive temperature control system, allowing you to fine-tune the water warmth to your liking effortlessly.

Sleek and Modern Design:
Not just a marvel of functionality, especially the Aqua Turbo 360 Trim boasts a sleek and modern design that effortlessly complements any bathroom aesthetic.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:
Designed with user convenience in mind, the Aqua Turbo 360 Trim is engineered for easy installation and maintenance.

Upgrade your daily routine with the Aqua Turbo 360 Trim Shower Faucet.
where innovative design and advanced technology converge to create a shower experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
Immerse yourself in the luxury of a well-crafted bathing solution that brings style, comfort.
Additionally, cleaning and maintaining the fixture is a breeze, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance.