75MM Integrated Saddle – Manjeera



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Role of 75mm Integrated Saddle

The 75mm Integrated Saddle, made by A&A Corporation, offers branch pipes in plumbing systems a safe and leak-proof connection. Basically ensuring dependable performance and simplicity of installation.

PP Integrated saddle with Nozzle Composite Elbow
Polypropylene Integrated-saddles are manufactured by A&A Corporation for secure plumbing connections in advanced pipe fittings.

PP Integrated Saddle with FTO
Innovative and adaptable polypropylene integrated-saddle are provided by A&A Corporation for secure plumbing connections.

Versality in application
Whether in water supply networks, industrial processes, thus the integrated saddle proves its versatility.
especially Its adaptability and strength make it an ideal choice for a wide array of applications.




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