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Touchless Operation: The primary feature of a sensor faucet is touchless operation. When the sensor detects this presence, it activates the flow of water without the need to touch any handles.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Touchless faucets are considered more hygienic than traditional faucets because they help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
Water Conservation: Many sensor faucets come with built-in water-saving features. They often include an automatic shut-off mechanism that stops the water flow after a certain amount of time, preventing wastage.

Temperature Control: Sensor faucets usually allow you to adjust the water temperature. For the “Kohler STRAYT DM SENSOR FCT COLD ONLY,” it appears to be designed for cold water only. However, some models offer both hot and cold water options.

Energy Efficiency: Sensor faucets can contribute to energy savings since they only release water when needed. This can reduce the energy required to heat water and the overall water consumption.

Elevate Hygiene and Energy Efficiency in Style

Touch-Free Hygiene:
The Sensor Faucet Cold Only introduces a touch-free experience to your bathroom, minimizing the risk of germ transmission.

Effortless Energy Conservation:
Redefine your environmental footprint with the Sensor Faucet Cold Only. By providing water only when needed, this faucet promotes significant energy savings.

Streamlined Aesthetics:
The sensor faucet seamlessly integrates into modern bathroom aesthetics. Its minimalist design not only adds a touch of contemporary elegance but also reduces clutter around the sink area.

Precision Temperature Control:
Tailor your experience with precision temperature control for cold water. The Sensor Faucet Cold Only ensures that you receive the perfect temperature every time.