SKU: 72290IN-4FP-CP



Transform your bathroom into the ultimate private retreat with essential simplicity and beauty of Aloe faucets collections. A carefully considered flat surface handle creates contemporary lines. This valve trim for baths and showers features a sleek lever handle.

Complements the Aleo® collection
Trim requires valve to complete
KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards two times

Aleo Rece BS Trim Faucet: Unveiling Modern Luxury in Bath Spaces

Introducing the Aleo Rece Faucet— accordingly a masterpiece of modern luxury that seamlessly combines contemporary design with advanced technology.
promising to elevate your shower routine to new heights.

Sleek and Contemporary Design:
The Aleo Rece BS Trim Faucet captivates with its sleek and contemporary design, basically redefining the visual landscape of your shower space. The clean lines, geometric shapes, and premium finishes come together to create a fixture that doesn’t just deliver water.

This trim faucet adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, chiefly setting the tone for a luxurious shower experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, especially the Aleo Trim Faucet incorporates cutting-edge technology for a shower experience like no other. The incorporation of innovative features ensures optimal water conservation without compromising on the luxurious feel. allowing you to indulge in a shower that aligns with modern eco-friendly sensibilities.

Versatile Functionality:
The Aleo Rece BS Trim Faucet is more than just a stylish fixture; it’s a versatile companion for your shower routine. The trim faucet offers customizable settings, enabling you to tailor your shower experience to meet your preferences.
this faucet delivers a personalized touch to your daily ritual.