SKU: 5487T-B-CP



This touchless soap dispenser promotes better hygiene in the kitchen or bathroom. Fill with foaming soap or liquid soap – your choice. chiefly Simply hold your hand under the spout to dispense soap

Dimensions & Measurements
DC operated for easy installation
Strong beam resistant infrared sensor
Adjustable sensor distance and soap volumes
Select high, medium, or low soap dispensing amount.
Anti-drip spout helps keep countertops clean.
Easy-to-fill dispenser with soap-level window
it can dispense 1.2ml in each time
Capacity of this Soap dispenser is 1000ml
It can be Battery operated 4*AA battery
it can be used as Hand sanitizer also

Touchless Soap Dispenser: Enhancing Hygiene with Modern Convenience

In today’s world, maintaining proper hand hygiene is more important than ever. Touchless soap dispensers emerge as a crucial tool in promoting cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs in public spaces.

Hygienic Operation:
Touchless soap dispensers revolutionize hand hygiene practices by eliminating the need to touch potentially contaminated surfaces. accordingly Equipped with infrared sensors, these devices detect hand movements and dispense soap automatically.

Effortless Dispensing:
With a simple wave of the hand, Kohler‘s touchless soap dispensers deliver a precise amount of soap, ensuring thorough coverage for effective handwashing.

Convenient Design:
basically Designed for user convenience, touchless soap dispensers feature sleek and modern designs that complement any restroom or kitchen décor.