4Way Elbow GI (ISI)-1-1/4 inch

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4Way GI Elbow 1-1/4 Inch are meticulously designed to provide four separate connection points at right angles to each other.  chiefly allowing pipelines to branch out in multiple directions from a single fitting.

Residential Plumbing:

In homes, 4-Way GI elbows are utilized to create complex plumbing layouts, such as branching water supply lines. They are invaluable for optimizing space utilization and ensuring efficient fluid distribution within the household.

Commercial Buildings:

GI Elbow enable the creation of intricate plumbing networks to accommodate the diverse needs of large-scale facilities. firstly GI fittings offer flexibility and reliability in complex installations.

A&A Corporation manufacture all PVC, GI material in their manufacturing plant of Jalandhar, Ahmedabad. These all water connection used in JJM project and other agriculture and household uses.

Industrial Settings:

In industrial applications, 4Way GI Elbow play a crucial role in directing various fluids, including water, chemicals, and gases.

Multi-directional Flow:

With four connection points, 4Way GI Elbow 1-1/4 Inch allow for the seamless branching of pipelines in multiple directions. especially facilitating intricate plumbing layouts and optimizing space utilization.

Durable Construction:

Constructed from galvanized iron or steel, chiefly these fittings offer excellent resistance to corrosion and rust.

Easy Installation:

4-Way GI elbows are designed for easy installation, enabling plumbers to create complex piping configurations efficiently and securely.




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