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The newly redesigned Bardon Accuflush urinal provides flexible flushing options along with a bold new contemporary look.
Based on your selected flushometer, the Bardon operates in the range from 0.125 (1/8th) gallon to 1.0 gallon per flush.
When paired with a 0.125 gpf flushometer this urinal is ideal for water conservation installations, and qualifies as a High-Efficiency Urinal.
that can help a building earn Water Efficiency points in the LEED(R) Green Building Rating System.
The overall design is simple and elegant, and it also highlights the taste of fashion and elegance.
The excellent coating on the ceramic surface can make the water droplets slide directly like the lotus leaf effect.
The stains are difficult to adhere, less Water and detergent to make cleaning easier

Kohler‘s Accuflush urinal provide a superior blend of comfort and convenience.

Efficiency at its Core
At the heart of the Accuflush urinal lies a commitment to water conservation without compromising performance. Equipped with advanced flushing technology, these urinals utilize precise sensors to detect usage. This targeted approach minimizes water wastage, significantly reducing consumption compared to traditional flush systems.

Innovative Operation
The Accuflush urinal’s operation is both intuitive and responsive. Upon detecting user activity, the sensor triggers a flush cycle.
Additionally, adjustable settings allow for customization based on usage patterns and environmental considerations, further maximizing water savings.