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Created to coordinate with a wide range of bathroom décor.
Kohler Drain W/overflow hole add to the appeal and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Product assured performance and quality makes it perfect for utility area.

chiefly Solid Metal Construction for Durability and Reliability

Life-Bright: Resists corrosion and wear two times longer than industry standard. Kohler vibrant products have 4 layers of coating for added protection

At the core of their design, grid drains without overflow holes operate on a simple yet effective principle. These Drain W/overflow hole feature a flat or slightly concave surface perforated with small holes, resembling a grid or mesh pattern.

Installation Process
Installing a grid drain without an overflow hole requires attention to detail and adherence to specific guidelines. The process typically involves removing the existing drain and replacing it with the grid drain assembly.

basically Grid drains without overflow holes offer several advantages over traditional drain configurations:

Enhanced Aesthetics: The absence of overflow holes provides a clean, minimalist look that complements modern bathroom and kitchen designs.

Efficient Water Drainage: The grid pattern effectively captures debris while allowing water to flow freely, minimizing the risk of clogs and backups.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining grid drains are straightforward, as debris can be easily removed from the surface without disassembly.