3Way Elbow GI (ISI)-1-1/4 Inch

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3 Way GI Elbow1-1/4 Inch design allows for the seamless redirection of fluid flow in multiple directions. making it an essential element in various plumbing configurations.

Versatility in Design and Application

One of the primary strengths of the 3 Way GI Elbow1-1/4 Inch lies in its adaptable design.  Crafted from durable galvanized iron, this elbow is capable of withstanding high pressures and corrosion.  making it suitable for diverse environments.

Whether it’s redirecting water flow in household plumbing or managing intricate networks in industrial settings. The GI Elbow offers unparalleled versatility. Its ability to connect pipes at different angles ensures flexibility in layout design. optimizing space utilization and enhancing overall system efficiency.

A&A Corporation manufacture all type of plumbing material in their manufacturing plant in Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Gujarat.  Such as Pipes, Saddle, GI Products, water meter which used in JJM project and another household and commercial uses.

Ensuring Smooth Fluid Dynamics

Efficient fluid dynamics are crucial for the optimal functioning of any plumbing system. GI Elbow contributes significantly to this aspect. By allowing seamless redirection of fluid flow, it minimizes turbulence and pressure drops.

Furthermore, the smooth interior surface of the GI Elbow helps prevent sediment buildup and corrosion. Whether conveying water, gas, or other fluids, this component promotes uninterrupted flow.




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