SKU: 30459IN-MWF



Superior Material Quality with HDHMR (High Density High Moisture Resistant) ensuring higher strength with Moisture & termite resistance.
Most Durable Structure with drawers & hinges tested for 25k cycles & 250Kgs of tested weight bearing capacity.
Grooming station with separate compartments & a laundry basket for a mess free bathroom.
Stain and scratch proof properties that makes for easy maintenance & longer product life
5 years Warranty

Luxe Vanity Wood Finish: Elevating Your Space with Timeless Elegance
In the realm of interior design, the allure of wood finishes remains unparalleled, exuding warmth, sophistication, and a timeless appeal.

Craftsmanship Redefined
At the heart of the Luxe Vanity Wood Finish lies unparalleled craftsmanship. Meticulously curated, each piece undergoes a meticulous process, marrying traditional techniques with modern innovation. From the selection of premium hardwoods to the precision of artisanal detailing, accordingly every aspect speaks to a dedication to excellence.

Unparalleled Elegance
The beauty of the Kohler Luxe Vanity Wood Finish lies not only in its impeccable craftsmanship but also in its unparalleled elegance. Whether adorning a lavish bathroom or a chic dressing room, its rich tones and lustrous sheen add a sense of opulence and sophistication. Each grain tells a story of nature’s artistry, infusing the space with character and charm.

Versatile Sophistication
Versatility is another hallmark of the Luxe Wood Finish. Its timeless appeal seamlessly complements a myriad of design styles, from classic and traditional to contemporary and minimalist.