SKU: 26290IN-AF



The oblong Statement multifunction showerhead lets you choose between Full Coverage, a super-fine luxuriously soft spray, or Deep Massage kinetic cross-streams, angled to relieve sore muscles. The multifunction showerhead features intuitive mode selector buttons and comes attached to an offset ball joint for 180° rotation, adjusting to anybody’s height.
Multifunction showerhead with advanced spray engine provides three spray experiences: Full Coverage with Katalyst technology, Deep Massage, and Cloud.
Full Coverage with Katalyst technology delivers a drenching spray experience, ideal for rinsing shampoo from hair, oblong shape targets shoulders. Katalyst® air-induction technology infuses water with air, creating bigger drops for a more powerful spray
Deep Massage streams twist and swirl, targeting sore muscles to ease away aches and pains.
Cloud spray experience restores with a thick cloud of silky, super-fine water droplets.
MasterClean™ sprayface features an easy-to-clean surface that withstands mineral buildup.
Optimized sprayface for maximum performance flow rate of 9.5 lpm at (5.5 bar).
Long lasting & durable: The Kohler finish promises endurance, resisting corrosion, tarnishing and wear two times longer than the industry standard, with a 10-year warranty for the product. Please refer the Kohler Standard Warranty Policy for complete details.
Installation: For wall mount installation requires shower arm and flange sold separately. (26318IN-CP)