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A faucet collection which Celebrates the Edge. Modern Life Edge reinvents the cubist design and delivers a faucet which celebrates the edge of straight-line design. It captures the fineness of slim juxtaposed with a strong expressive stance in a rectilinear faucet
Precision & Technology: This finesse is delivered with leading edge technology which maintains an elegant form with precision machining and craftsmanship. High Precision Machined Product with a crisp handle and a thin spout 14mm (vs Aleo 19mm, avid 17mm)
Floating Handle : Unique rear mounting actuation. Slim floating style handle which maintains continuity with a new mounting approach and turns it into a tactile item
Leading Reach :With a reach of 159 mm between the spout and the body of the faucet, the single lever faucet ensures the water is well in reach, even at a low flow the user’s hand doesn’t hit the vessel wall
Light Bright: Lasting finishes 2 times longer than Industry finishes . Kohler chrome products have 3 layer of coating for added protection to resist wear and corrosion longer
Life 50 :Tested for 50 years of life . Kohler’s unique cartridges have near diamond hardness ceramic discs which grind debris and have a polishing effect for smooth and precise operation . They are tested for 2X industry standard at 1Mn cycle to give up to 50 years of performance .
Superior reach : Avoids contact with the vessel wall even at low pressure