25318IN-0 – SPAN ROUND VESSEL 472X360-Pop-K

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From the circular origin to rectangularly clear lines and parallels – the form goes flexible, giving away to the function at hand. Minimal, yet efficient. Warm and humanist details with shapes which are soft to the touch. Geometric has no sharp edges or corners whilst maintaining their geometric origins. Minimalist flexibility in specifying due to pure forms that fit into any minimnalist bathroom environment.
Superior Material and Glaze: Long lasting, durable glaze easy to clean surface, resistant to chemicals and stains.
No Splash: KOHLER® basins when paired with KOHLER® faucets, make for a comfortable washing experience. The dimensions of our basins are designed to contain splash and make cleaning easy.
Easy to Install: Requires only cutting of the counter to accommodate drain, saving valuable time and money
Dimension: 478 (L) X 363 (B) X 144 (H) mm, Depth: 120 mm