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Enhance your everyday routine with the highest quality of lighting in its class. A full assortment of shapes and sizes that fit seamlessly into your design. Dimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task. Defogging technology ensures a clear reflection. Vitality 762 mm diameter circle lighted mirror with inset light pattern, 4000 kelvin temperature (cool light), dimmable and defogger
Vitality Mirror uses energy efficient LEDs. Cool white LED lighting, invigorating tones (4000K) simulate bright daylight to jumpstart your day and provide ideal task lighting.
The Vitality Inset Circle Mirror offers remarkably accurate color rendering with a CRI value of 90+ and R9 of 50+, so you can see your truest reflection.
The right light is achieved by a combination of high lumen output and proper placement in relation to the face and body. Vitality Column Rectangle mirrors have been carefully designed to enable you to see yourself in the best light by eliminating dark shadows, experience bright even task lighting, see rich, saturated tone in your reflection and be confident that lighting stays consistent, even for close up tasks.
Smooth, Flicker-Free Dimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task, using a standard residential dimmer that works with your home’s existing wiring.
Defogging technology using a standard wall switch, ensures a clear reflection, so a steamy shower won’t slow down your mornings.
French cleat mounting system makes installation effortless. Power cord wiring for easy plug-in installation, eliminating the need to bring back an electrician to install or remove.
The Vitality Mirrors are water resistant and can operate in high humidity or damp spaces.