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Tend is a contemporary urinal design which blends elegant triangular geometry with un interrupted surfaces that are gentle and ergonomic. The design is high on cleanability due to its rimless design accompanied by a unique multi nozzle diverter that effortlessly washes the bowl after use. The approach area of Tend is tapered in shape to ensure that the user is close to the bowl area, therefore minimizing dripping on the floor. The specially engineered contoured bowl prevents splash back ensuring that Tend is highly hygienic . Tend is high on usability and compact in size. It is the ideal choice for any modern washroom.”
Dimensions & Measurements
The new design is a compact wall mount urinal with contemporary aesthetics
Triangular shape with rimless surface makes it easy to clean.
Fulling skirted design eliminates the need for a bolt giving a clean contour to the outer shell.
The product is compatible with 0.5 Lts flushing
Designed to prevent any splash back making it one of the most hygienic urinal
Dimension: 381 (L) X 333 (B) X 552 (H) mm