1″X1/2 FABT-Ashirvad

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The Female Adapter Brass Threaded is a uPVC fitting a plain socket which can be connect to a pipe on one end and a brass threaded portion on the interior of the fitting which can be screw in on to another fitting .

Here’s what it typically consists of:

  • Female Thread : One end of the fitting has internal female threads. These threads are  the external threads of a male pipe or fitting, allowing for a secure connection to the two components are screw together.
  • Brass Material : Brass is a common material uses  for these types of fittings due to excellent corrosion resistance, durability, other systems.
  • Brass fittings are suitable for use in various plumbing applications, including water supply lines, heating systems,  gas lines.
  • Adapter Design : The adapter design fitting allows for compatibility between different types of pipes or fittings with male &female threads.
  • It enables you to connect pipes or fittings with different thread types or sizes, providing versatility in plumbing installations.
  • These fittings are commonly uses in plumbing systems to create connections between pipes, valves, fixtures, and other components.
  • They provide a reliable and leak-resistant connection when properly installed and tightened.

When selecting a female adapter brass threaded fitting, that it matches the thread type, size, material requirements of  plumbing application.





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