15MM Water Meter Multi Jet IS 779 Darvesh




The 15MM Multi Jet Water Meter stands out for its precision measurement capabilities and suitability for residential applications. Water meters are essential devices for accurately measuring water consumption in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

The “15MM” designation refers to the meter’s inlet/outlet diameter, indicating its compatibility with standard residential piping systems.

Multi Jet Technology:

Multi Jet water meters utilize multiple jets arranged symmetrically around the impeller. ensuring uniform flow measurement and minimizing the impact of water impurities or air bubbles. This technology enhances accuracy and reliability in measuring low to moderate flow rates typical in residential settings.

Compact Design:

With a compact size and lightweight construction, 15MM Multi Jet Water Meter are easy to install and integrate into residential plumbing systems. Their small footprint minimizes space requirements and facilitates installation in confined spaces such as utility closets or meter boxes.

Ease of Reading:

Many 15MM Multi Jet Water Meters are equipped with clear, easy-to-read displays. facilitating convenient monitoring of water consumption by homeowners or utility personnel. Some models may also feature remote reading capabilities, enabling automated meter reading for billing purposes.

Leak Detection:

The sensitivity of Multi Jet water meters to even minor fluctuations in flow rates makes them effective tools for leak detection. accordingly Sudden changes in consumption patterns can indicate potential leaks.


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