In the domain of plumbing fixtures, the PTMT TAP ISI MARKED-15mm diameter emerges as a symbol of quality. The ISI marked PTMT tap, crafted to precise specifications and subjected to rigorous testing. stands as a testament to the commitment towards elevating plumbing standards.

Beyond its visual appeal, the PTMT TAP ISI MARKED-15mm tap excels in performance and reliability. Each tap undergoes meticulous quality assurance processes. The ISI (Indian Standards Institute) certification signifies compliance with benchmarks set forth by regulatory authorities.

All kind of taps manufacture by A&A Corporation in their manufacturing plant which is situated in Hyderabad, Gujarat, Ahmedabad & Jalandhar.

A&A Corp. also working on JJM Project, there these PTMT tap we are using. According to this scheme by 2024 FHTC connection will be provided all rural area across country.

At its core, the 15mm PTMT tap embodies a fusion of innovation and practicality. Crafted from high-quality PTMT material, renowned for its resilience to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical degradation. Its 15mm diameter ensures compatibility with standard plumbing configurations, accordingly facilitating seamless integration into diverse systems.

The 15mm PTMT tap’s versatility extends to its ease of installation and maintenance. Designed for straightforward fitting and compatibility with standard plumbing connections, basically it reduces installation time and effort.


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