1 Step CPVC Yellow Medium Solvent Cement-29.5 ml Tube

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The “1 Step CPVC Yellow Medium Solvent Cement-15 ml Tube” breaks down as follows:

  • 1 Step: This suggests that the solvent cement simplifies the joining process,combining multiple steps into one as priming and cementing. It’s designed to streamline the process of joining CPVC pipes&fittings.
  • CPVC: This indicates that the solvent cement is formulated for use with CPVC piping systems.It is a thermoplastic material used in plumbing due to chemical resistance.
  • Yellow: The color of the solvent cement. Color coding helps distinguish between different types of cement or indicates specific properties. In this case, “yellow” is likely the color of the solvent cement.
  • Medium: This likely refers to the viscosity or thickness of the solvent cement. Medium viscosity cement is suitable for a range of pipe diameters &operating conditions.
  • Solvent Cement: Indicates that the product is a type of adhesive used to join CPVC pipes and fittings together. Solvent cement softens the surfaces of the CPVC components, allowing them to fuse together.
  • 15 ml Tube: In this case, it comes in a tube containing 15 milliliters of solvent cement. Tube packaging is convenient for small-scale applications or repairs, providing a controlled amount of cement for precise application.




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