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This CPVC fitting is a unique fitting that can be connected to a pipe directly without requiring the need for an additional fitting.A CPVC Tank Nipple is a short stub of pipe which has external male pipe threads at each end, for connecting to other fittings. 

  • A CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) tank nipple is a type of pipe fitting used primarily in plumbing and water treatment applications.These threaded ends allow the CPVC tank nipple to be easily connected to other fittings, such as female threaded adapters, valves, or other pipes.
  • CPVC is  excellent chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance,  low conductivity.
  • Making it suitable for use in hot and cold water systems, as well as in corrosive environments.
  • CPVC tank nipples  commonly used in water storage tanks, filtration systems & other applications.
  • Connection between pipes & fittings is a confined space requiring  compact design.
  • The male pipe threads on both ends of the CPVC tank nipple enable  into corresponding female threads.
  • Providing a simple and effective connection without the need for additional couplings or adapters.
  • This threaded design allows for easy installation and maintenance of plumbing systems and watertight connection.




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