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A CPVC clip is a type of fastening device used in plumbing and piping systems to secure pipes or tubing in place.

CPVC is a high-temperature plastic pressure piping system for potable plumbing.This material is also used for many industrial and process piping applications.

  • This CPVC fitting is useful in keeping pipes in place along with multi-storey installation in residential and commercial buildings.
  • These clips  specially designed the  characteristics of CPVC piping, providing a secure &  method for  ceilings, or other structural surfaces.
  • CPVC clips typically consist a plastic or metal bracket with specialized design that securely holds the CPVC pipe.
  • They often feature a snap-on or snap-lock mechanism that allows for easy installation without the need for additional tools. Some clips may also have integrated nails, screws, or adhesive backing for attaching them to surfaces.
  • These clips come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different pipe diameters and mounting requirements.
  • Properly securing CPVC pipes with clips is essential for maintaining the integrity and stability of the plumbing system.




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