1/2″ Water Meter

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A water meter is a device uses to measure the volume of water passing through a pipe or plumbing system. It’s commonly uses in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to monitor water usage for billing purposes, conservation efforts, and system maintenance.

Here’s a breakdown of its components and functions:

  • Mechanical Components: Water meters consist of a housing  made of metal or plastic, a measuring chamber,mechanism for recording the water flow.
  • Inside the measuring chamber, there’s often a rotating impeller, turbine, or piston that is activated by the flow of water passing through the meter.
  • Measurement : As water flows through the meter, the impeller, turbine, or piston rotates. This movement is converts into a measurement of volume by gears or other mechanical components within the meter.
  • The volume of water passing through the meter is usually records  depends on the unit of measurement uses.
  • Readout : The measurement records by the water meter is displays on a dial,  digital readout locates on the  meter.
  • This allows utility companies, property owners, or occupants to monitor water usage over a specific period.
  • Installation : Water meters are usually installs within the plumbing system, often near the point water enters a building or property.
  • They are connects to the water supply pipe and may include Valves or pipes to facilitate maintenance.
  • It  provide valuable data for utilities, property owners, and occupants to monitor and manage water consumption effectively.




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