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Dummy PVC Plug is uses for fitting purposes in ships on a large scale.

  • It uses from high grade raw materials under the supervision of highly qualified, skilled, talented and experienced professionals.
  • It is appreciate for highly durable, easy to install, superior in performance and sturdily design.

A “PVC long dummy” refer to a few different things depend on the context of its usage, but here are a couple of possibilities:

  • PVC Pipe Dummy: In some plumbing or construction contexts, a “dummy” might refer to a piece uses temporarily during installation or testing.
  • In this case, a “PVC long dummy”can be a long piece of PVC pipe uses for such purposes.
  • PVC Electrical Conduit Dummy: In electrical work, particularly when installing conduits for wiring, a dummy might refer to a non-functional or placeholder uses for planning or layout purposes.
  • A “PVC long dummy”might be a long section of PVC conduit uses to map out the route of future electrical wiring before permanent installation.
  • Dummy Plus is a fitting uses to close a connection in the inspection chamber that is not in active use.




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