1/2 inch Brass Adjustable Tee Ferrule- 95GM




Brass compression also known as ferrules, rings or uses in combination with compression nut& fitting connection on copper& brass pipe.

A Brass Adjustable Tee Ferrule  pipe fitting uses in plumbing systems to connect ,secure pipes in a tee configuration.

 Here’s what it typically involves:

  • Brass Construction : The ferrules are typically  from brass, a metal known as corrosion resistance, durability, ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures. Brass is commonly uses in plumbing fittings to its excellent properties.
  • Tee Configuration : The adjustable tee ferrule features a tee-shaped design, allowing for the connection of three pipes or tubes at a 90-degree angle. This configuration is uses  a main pipeline into two separate lines or  join two lines into a single line.
  • Adjustable Design : The term “adjustable” indicates the ferrule allows for some degree of adjustment or alignment.
  • A threaded connection or a compression the  position or orientation of the connect to pipes or tubes.
  • Ferrule Function: The ferrule component of the fitting is typically a ring or sleeve that is place over the end of the tubing or pipe before assembly. The fitting is tightened, the ferrule compresses against the tubing, creating a secure and leak-resistant connection.
  • Provide a durable solution for tee connections in piping systems while allowing for flexibility in installation and adjustment.


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