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The Bore Clamp is a combination of a doubleacting pull-type cylinder equipped with a segement clamping bushing, which is pulled by a tie rod over a fixed cone.

A “long bore clamp” typically refers to a type of pipe clamp used to secure pipes in place. The term “long bore” usually indicates that the clamp has a longer length compared to standard clamps, which allows it to accommodate larger pipes or provide greater support along the length of the pipe.

F Clamps. The name F clamp comes from its F-shaped design. It features a long vertical bar and two smaller perpendicular jaws.

They help maintain the integrity of the piping system and ensure proper alignment of pipes, fittings, and supports.

Long bore clamps usually consist of a metal band or strap with a threaded bolt or screw mechanism for tightening. They may also include rubber or cushioning material to provide support and reduce vibration or noise.

These clamps come in various sizes and configurations to suit different pipe diameters and installation requirements.


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