1-1/4″ CPVC PIPES SDR 11-Ashirvad

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SDR stands for “Standard Dimension Ratio.” It is a numerical designation used to specify the nominal ratio of the average outside diameter to the minimum wall thickness of a pipe.

SDR is commonly used in the context of plastic pipes, including CPVC pipes.

 A higher SDR value signifies a thinner wall thickness relative to the pipe’s diameter, while a lower SDR value indicates a thicker wall.

Common nominations are SDR11, SDR17, SDR26 and SDR35. Pipes with a lower SDR can withstand higher pressures.

SDR values are important for engineers, designers, because they provide a way to specify the dimensions of plastic pipes.

By selecting the  SDR for a specific application, they can ensure the pipe required pressure rating and other.

In summary, when you see “CPVC pipes SDR,” indicates the Standard Dimension Ratio used to specify the dimensions and wall thickness of CPVC pipes, helping to ensure proper selection and installation in plumbing systems




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