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A&A Corporation Delivers Excellent results through Premium CI products.

A&A CorporationCI ProductsCI Products

From valves to fittings and accessories, A&A Corporation excels in manufacturing high-quality CI products for plumbing systems. Trust in their durability and performance to meet your diverse plumbing needs.
CI CP Cherry Tap
CI CP Square Body Tap
CICP Locking Taps

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Durable and dependable CI products for efficient plumbing solutions.

CI CP Cherry Tap

A&A Corporation’s CI CP Cherry Tap offers reliable water flow control with its durable construction and user-friendly design.


CI CP Square Body Tap

A&A Corporation produces high-quality square body taps made of cast iron and coated with CP for long-lasting performance in plumbing applications.


CIB Bib Cock

CIB Bib Cock is a reliable plumbing valve manufactured by A&A Corporation, providing efficient control of water flow in plumbing systems.


CICP Locking Taps

CICP Locking Taps, manufactured by A&A Corporation, are durable plumbing fixtures designed to securely control and regulate water flow in pipes.

Introduction to CI Products

CI, or cast iron, products have been a cornerstone of construction and industrial applications for centuries. Renowned for their exceptional strength, durability, and versatility.

A&A Corporation manufacture CI Taps which used in FHTC connection for JJM project. In which FHTC connection are providing to all rural area of country.

The Benefits of CI Products

Casting Iron products are revered for their unmatched strength and stability. making them suitable for demanding environments and heavy-duty applications. Whether used in underground sewer systems, water treatment plants, or industrial machinery.

Versatility in Application

Casting Iron products find a multitude of uses across various industries and sectors. In the realm of plumbing and drainage, CI pipes and fittings serve as the backbone of municipal sewer systems. storm water management networks, and building drainage systems. In construction and infrastructure projects, this products such as manhole covers, grates, and frames provide essential access points.