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A&A Corporation Creates Reliability by Creating Seamless Conveyance with Superior CI Pipes.

A&A CorporationCI PipesCI Pipes

A&A Corporation manufactures high-quality CI (Cast Iron) pipes, providing durable and reliable solutions for various applications in water supply, Drainage systems, and infrastructure projects.
20mm CPVC Pipe
Spectra CPVC Pipes- 3 MTR

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Trusted provider of top-quality CI Pipes for reliable plumbing solutions.

20mm CPVC Pipe


Spectra CPVC Pipes- 3 MTR


Spectra CPVC Pipes- 3 MTR


20mm CPVC Pipe

Cast Iron Pipes
Cast iron pipes were widely used for the transportation of water and sewage before plastic pipes were invented. Especially They are one of the oldest piping systems present today and are now being replaced by high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes.
These pipes have been a cornerstone of water distribution systems for centuries. prized for their durability, longevity, and resilience to corrosion. especially pipes have played a vital role in supplying water to communities and industries worldwide.
Pressure Cast Iron Pipes

Pressure cast iron pipes are designed to withstand high internal pressures, typically used in water mains, transmission lines. Pipes are employed in applications where conveying fluids under pressure is required, such as water supply networks. basically Pressure cast iron pipes exhibit exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and hydraulic efficiency

Perforated Cast Iron Pipes

Perforated cast iron pipes feature evenly spaced perforations along the pipe wall, allowing for controlled drainage. particularly These pipes are commonly used in foundation drainage, subsoil drainage, and agricultural drainage systems. Perforated cast iron pipes provide effective water management solutions, basically promoting soil stability.

Specialty Cast Iron Pipes

Specialty cast iron pipes encompass various customized designs and configurations tailored to specific project requirements. Pipes address unique challenges in infrastructure projects, including horizontal directional drilling, pipe bursting.  Specialty cast iron pipes offer innovative solutions for complex piping applications.