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A&A Corporation Redefines Quality with Precision Brass Inserts.

A&A CorporationBrass InsertBrass Insert

Premium fittings for secure, efficient plumbing connections, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in various applications. Trust our quality inserts for reliable results.
PP Saddle Black Brass Insert
PP MTA Brass Insert
PP MTO/MTE Brass Insert
PP FTE/ FTO Brass Insert
PP FTA Brass Insert

A&A CorporationBrass Insert Product Category

Durable fittings for secure plumbing connections, made of high-quality brass.

PP Saddle Black Brass Insert

Leading provider of premium PP Saddle Black Insert, A&A Corporation guarantees trustworthy plumbing connectors.


PP MTA Brass Insert

PP MTA Insert of the highest grade is produced by A&A Corporation, a market leader in the industry.


PP MTO/MTE Brass Insert

A&A Corporation Your reliable source for high-quality PP MTO/MTE Insert that provides secure plumbing connections with dependability and precision.


PP FTE/ FTO Brass Insert

High-quality 20MM PP FTE/FTO Brass Insert from A&A Corporation, a reputable supplier, guarantees dependable and secure connection of pipes.


PP FTA Brass Insert

A&A Corporation, a reputable manufacturer, offers the 20 MM PP FTA Brass Insert as a solution for safe plumbing connections.

Brass Inserts: Enhancing Strength and Versatility in Assemblies

In the realm of engineering and manufacturing, accordingly brass inserts stand out as indispensable components, offering a myriad of benefits in diverse applications.

Understanding Brass Inserts

Brass inserts are cylindrical metal components typically manufactured from high-quality brass alloys. These inserts feature external threads and a smooth bore, basically allowing them to be easily integrated into pre-drilled or molded holes in a variety of materials.

Applications Across Industries

1. Plastic Molding: In the realm of plastic molding and injection molding, chiefly brass inserts are commonly used to reinforce plastic components and provide secure attachment points for screws or bolts.

2. Furniture Manufacturing: Brass inserts find extensive use in furniture manufacturing, where they are employed to create strong and durable joints in wooden or composite materials.