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A&A Corporation's Ahmedabad Factory is renowned for its High-quality PTMT Taps Production.

The A&A Corporation Ahmedabad Factory excels in producing high-quality pipe and fittings products. With advanced technology and a skilled workforce, accordingly it ensures precision and exceeds industry standards. The factory’s seamless coordination enables efficient production and timely delivery, meeting customer demands. The Ahmedabad Factory is a symbol of reliability, supplying top-notch pipe and fittings for industries worldwide.

In this factory SS Insert, Saddle, Ferrule, Elbow and water meter get manufacture. A&A corporation work under the jal jeevan mission which is a government mission. In this mission uses all plumbing material like PVC pipes, ferrule, saddles and water meter box these product manufacture in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad Gujarat & Jalandhar factories.

The Headquarter of A&A Corporation situated in Hyderabad where we deals with Kohler products of AA corp.

The Genesis of HDPE Production

The journey of HDPE begins with the procurement of raw materials, primarily ethylene derived from crude oil or natural gas through processes like steam cracking. This ethylene is then polymerized under controlled conditions using catalysts to form the long chains of polyethylene molecules characteristic of HDPE.

Quality Assurance and Product Innovation

Quality control is paramount in HDPE manufacturing, with stringent protocols in place to ensure product consistency and compliance with regulatory standards. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped with advanced analytical instruments conduct rigorous testing at various stages of production

Factory Location

105, Shyam Industrial Estate,
Bakrol Bujrang,
Ahmedabad - 382430.

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