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A&A Corporation Promotes Conveyance through the latest UPVC pipe Innovations.

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A&A Corporation Leading UPVC Pipe Manufacturers Using the Power of UPVC Quality, Durability, Reliability and Your Trustworthy Pipe Solutions Partner.

UPVC PIPE SCH 40 - Trubore
Spectra UPVC Pipe 3 MTR
UPVC Elbow 90Degree SCH80- Trubore
UPVC Flanges SCH80- Trubore

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Trusted provider of top-quality UPVC Pipes for reliable plumbing solutions.

UPVC PIPE SCH 40 - Trubore

A&A Corporation provides Trubore UPVC pipes in SCH 40, known for their high-quality and strength, suitable for a wide range of applications.


Spectra UPVC Pipe 3 MTR

A&A Corporation offers 3-meter long Spectra UPVC pipes, known for their quality and durability, suitable for a multitude of purposes.


UPVC Elbow 90Degree - Trubore

Trubore UPVC Elbows, 90-degree Angle, SCH80, are available from A&A Corporation and are renowned for their Strength,Quality, and effective flow direction in UPVC piping.


UPVC Flanges SCH80- Trubore

Trubore UPVC Flanges in SCH80 are produced by A&A Corporation at a high standard, guaranteeing strong connections for industrial applications.