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A&A Corporation Delivers Excellent results through Premium CI products.

A&A CorporationCI ProductsCI Products

From valves to fittings and accessories, A&A Corporation excels in manufacturing high-quality CI products for plumbing systems. Trust in their durability and performance to meet your diverse plumbing needs.
CI CP Cherry Tap
CI CP Square Body Tap
CICP Locking Taps

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Durable and dependable CI products for efficient plumbing solutions.

CI CP Cherry Tap

A&A Corporation’s CI CP Cherry Tap offers reliable water flow control with its durable construction and user-friendly design.


CI CP Square Body Tap

A&A Corporation produces high-quality square body taps made of cast iron and coated with CP for long-lasting performance in plumbing applications.


CIB Bib Cock

CIB Bib Cock is a reliable plumbing valve manufactured by A&A Corporation, providing efficient control of water flow in plumbing systems.


CICP Locking Taps

CICP Locking Taps, manufactured by A&A Corporation, are durable plumbing fixtures designed to securely control and regulate water flow in pipes.